We are always creating our reality. Every day, we are making choices, thinking about our lives, and moving toward our desires or focusing on what is standing in the way. Manifesting is creating what we want in life by placing our thoughts upon our desires rather than focusing on obstacles.

While that sounds simple, if  you examine your thoughts you will realize you spend far more time thinking about what you do not want,  than what you do want. We all do. We may think it is too grand or presumptuous to think of our greatest wishes, so instead we curse the things that go wrong in our lives and get intimately knowledgeable with our frustration.

In order to manifest, you must reverse this practice and place into your imagination that which you desire.  Spending time evaluating aspects of your life and determining how you would like it to be, can help you get specific on what you would like to create (manifest) in your life. Get clear on what you would like for yourself in relationships (family, friendships), health, finance, career, home, spirituality – all of the key areas of your life. Rank each area 1-10, 1 being low and 10 being high and well.  Consider what it would take to make an item ranked 7 or lower a 10.

For each area…

1) Describe the current situation in your life.

2) Describe the desired situation.

3) Spend time getting in touch with how it would feel to reach that state. Do not hold back! Place into  your imagination on that which you desire and allow yourself to imagine the feeling you would have.

3) Write down what would take you to a “10” in each area.

4) Ask God, the Universe, Source (whichever terminology you prefer) to bring the desire to you through meditation, prayer, time in stillness, or through visualization. (Or all four!)

5)Take action. Work toward your goal. If there is anything you need to do now to get there, begin to take action step by step.

6) Acknowledge signs of support for your desires. Allow this into your perception and receive. It is easy to be so focused on the desire that you miss signs of support and allow frustration to remove you from receiving.

7)Drop resistance. Examine ways in which you are still taking the negative stance, resisting your current state rather than manifesting what you desire by placing your thoughts upon that desire.

8) Maintain a high vibration by seeing your success and feeling good, rather than holding any sense of lack or frustration in your mind and body. Keep the law of attraction in mind. You are attracting what you think of so beware of attracting what you do not want when you detail losses and lack and setback.

We all experience loss and setbacks, however they are each a lesson that can be used to propel you forward, so even negative events in life can be appreciated in time. There is no doubt you are held back when you make yourself a victim. This is self sabotage. History is full of examples of amazing joy and progress by those who harnessed hardship and used the lesson as fuel for a meaningful and joyful future. These brave, resilient individuals created their reality. We can too!

The big picture of your life is important to your wellness. Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing; meaning open to all possibilities and not clinging to specifics. See evidence of the good, the progress and your desires all around you. Go to the place of your desires and allow the law of attraction to manifest and work in your favor!

There is a great analogy for this process and that is GPS. You must place the destination in the device to get the map to take you where you want to go. We manifest by putting the goal or destination in and we trust the directions.  So set  your GPS and begin to manifest this week.

In future weeks, we will continue to learn more about mastering our mind, looking inward, and connecting to our truest selves. You are so worth it! Thank you for investing this time in INNERSPACE.  If you are interesting in joining the INNERSPACE Facebook Group we would be happy to welcome you!


Kim Perone, Certified Life Coach at The Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment serves clients with one-on-one and group coaching and can be reached via email or phone at [email protected], (518) 301-3593. For more information on life coaching and The Center’s activities, visit www.Center4c.com.