I hope you have enjoyed this journey to INNERSPACE!  You are a magnificent being and the deeper your self-knowledge is, the greater your life experience will be.  The basis of all life coaching is to broaden a client’s understanding of key aspects, such as those we covered during these 12 weeks, so that they gain perspective on life and are not subject to the voice of ego or others’ judgments in the world around them. Simply put, our life can be miserable or wonderful depending on our perspective. Our life’s story can be interpreted many ways. With this in mind, you are empowered to live your best life. I hope you grab these lessons and bravely step into your truest self!

To recap our lessons….    

Lesson #1 – Ego

Each of us has a part of our minds, the ‘thinker’, that narrates the world around us.  This ego is the part of our psyche that feeds on problems, wants to serve as a safety officer for us, judges people and situations, and makes stories to make sense of the world. It does not always have our best interest.  This is considered the false self, rather than the true self.

Lesson #2 – Mindfulness

Mindfulness is observing the present moment, non-judgmentally. It is allowing our minds to take in what is happening around us noting everything without a good or bad review but rather as it is. The power lies in the fact that it takes the mind out of the past and the future and keeps it in the present moment which is the only true reality at any given time.

Lesson #3 – Gratitude

More than a trend, gratitude is an exercise in well living. Gratitude allows us to focus on what is working in life rather than what is not working. An antidote to an overactive ego which can send us into despair, gratitude is the place where you refocus  your mind on your blessings. There is no blessing too small! Heat, food, shelter, kindness, friends, family are all to be appreciated even when, especially when, we are going through extremely difficult times.

Lesson #4 – Fears, Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Our fears can become blocks that stop us from living to our potential. Limiting beliefs are stories we have created from the mind’s interpretation of the world and events around us.  How we interpret our abilities and opportunities may not be always be true, yet we can allow these beliefs to hold us back.

Lesson #5 – Authenticity

You are uniquely you. The world is trying to get you to conform.  While some conformity is good, learning most of the rules of life, too much can lead us to people pleasing. When we spend too much time living in other’s reality, rather than from our authentic selves, we can become extremely stressed, unsuccessful and unhappy. Get to know your authentic self by examining your likes and dislikes separate from the approval of others.

Lesson #6 – Stress

How we assess any situation determines the level of stress we feel in the body.  Do we think we are in danger? Do we feel like we have resources to cope with the situation?  These are two questions we can ask ourselves.  If the answer to the first question is yes and the second is no, we are extremely stressed. When the answer to the first is no and the second is yes, we are less stressed.  We can keep ourselves out of fight, flight or freeze brain state by supporting ourselves with the second set of answers.  In addition, consider how much are you packing into your day? We often overload our calendars because listing is easier than the actual time it takes to do a given task or because we are not able to say no. Our energy levels must also be taken into consideration.

Lesson #7 – Self Care

How do you recharge?  We are generally the only ones who will determine what returns our energy. So make the knowledge of what re-energizes you a top priority.  Self care is not selfish! It is essential for sustainability.

Lesson #8 – The Law of Attraction

Because we are energetic beings, we get more of what we put our thoughts on. Like magnets we attract to us what we focus on. Beware of focusing on all of your problems too consistently. This causes an imbalance and most likely, we end up getting more of what we don’t want.  This requires battling the ego a bit, as it wants to focus on what is not working in our lives, rather than what is working.

Lesson #9 – Manifesting

Using the law of attraction, along with visualization about what you do want in life, you can manifest what you desire. This is the act of using your thoughts to fuel the future.  We are always creating our reality with our thoughts and actions. So create what you want rather than what you do not want.

Lesson #10 – Surrender

This spiritual concept is based on allowing our higher selves and higher power to take the lead. It is all right to not know exactly what the next step is. You can surrender and allow life to unfold for you for a bit. After surrendering, make sure you pay close attention to the signs that will pop up to direct your next steps. You will see signs!

Lesson #11 – Sanctuary

Make sure that you nurture yourself by providing a safe place to come into your heart and meet your own needs.  When you go to your sanctuary, meet yourself with kindness and understanding. No matter what is going on, you can provide your own self the comfort and then confidence that everything will ultimately be all right, because you, at your deepest core, are always all right.

These are key concepts for mastering your mindset and creating a powerful “INNERSPACE” journey that will see your through life. As you can imagine, this is only the very beginning of what life coaching can provide.  There is so much more!  These lessons, concepts and exercises in the videos and these articles can provide you the proper grounding and perspective to live empowered lives and I hope you are intrigued and interested in learning more.

If you would be interested in more information on life coaching and what next steps would be on your INNERSPACE Journey, please feel free to contact me!  Also, please feel free to share information with others and have anyone interested connect with me.  I would be happy to add them to this free resource.

Keep exploring!


Mastering our mind, looking inward, and connecting to our truest selves is so worth it! Thank you for investing this time in INNERSPACE.  If you are interesting in joining the INNERSPACE Facebook Group we would be happy to welcome you!

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