Q: Why do I feel so overwhelmed when I am surrounded by a lot of people?  

A: You might be an Empath.

I was recently talking to my friend Sue and she explained to that she was recently at a fun-filled, high energy event that she had been looking forward to for months.  She had chosen the perfect dress and she had a great date. She looked forward to seeing many long time friends that evening. To her dismay, when she arrived, she soon felt overwhelmed and  out -of-place. She felt like her body was buzzing and she was having a hard time paying attention to the person right in front of her. She could hear and feel all the other conversations that were taking place all around her. She went home halfway through the event feeling disappointed. At home, she went right to her bedroom feeling anxious and had a hard time falling asleep.

This is the story of the Empath, a complex and amazing person, who lives and feels at extremes. She is strong and capable, but also buzzing with energy or crashing from the lack of it. Empaths benefit from learning a completely different way to show up in this world so that they can protect their highly sensitive selves from the chaos they feel  from others’ energy.  They are the 20% of the world that are emotional sponges, walking around exposed and raw. We need to make a conscious effort to put an end to the intensity. It is possible to live a much more intentional and joyous life. To protect energy, start by identifying  the sources that drain your battery and those that recharge it. When we gain clarity around our emotional strengths and weaknesses, we are able to steer our lives in a more purposeful, value-driven direction and create long-lasting emotional stability. The more we act and react from that solid foundation the less we feel pummeled by the emotions and intensity of others. There are many gifts of being an empath, many powerful exercises and techniques to learn, all of which lead us to a life that is full of joy and peace.

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