Q:  I have no time! How can you help me? 

A:  Let’s talk about mindfulness.

Our lives are so full of blessings and busyness. Our feet hit the ground and we are thinking, “I will never accomplish everything I need to do today!” This makes us feel even busier than we truly are. We rarely allow our mind to focus on the present moment. When we are at work, we think about home and at home think of work. In order to regain power over your time, we can become mindful.  First step, be where you are. When we are present, conscious, and grounded, time opens up. We become more effective when we stop multitasking to the extreme. Present: We begin to see what is actually happening around us. Conscious: We see what is in our control and what is not under our control, therefore eliminating some responsibilities we are imposing on ourselves. When we let go of worry and become present, we see precious moments in front of us and actually give ourselves permission to enjoy them.  Grounded: When we know the life we desire, we can live this truth and stay on our path instead of waffling with the whims or approval of others.

My advice would be to clearly identify all that you are committing yourself to, what is most important to you, and consider letting optional items go. When we keep overstuffing our life, like overstuffed bags, we burst.  Even if we don’t burst, we may lose our happiness, begin living in resentment,  and wonder why.  Where our lives once had sparkle, we lose our luster. How do you decide what fits in and what does not fit in your life? What are you doing that brings you joy? Are you striving and never arriving? These are some of the questions we find answers to in coaching. Finding authentic success, alignment, and genuine purpose is the doorway to joy.

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