Q:  Helene, I want to live in my heart and not so much in my head, but how can I do that without getting hurt? 

A:  To live with an open heart is a choice. Choosing to live the majority of our life outside of our head, in our body and heart, is open-hearted living. This is possible when we live deep in our hearts and soul, accessing the peace that exists there. In our head, where our ego resides, we believe everything single thought. However, not all of our thoughts are true or kind and it is here we may be getting hurt. In our heart, we recognize we are not our thoughts and we begin to choose only thoughts that serve our highest good, while leaving the rest behind. When we use our mind to steer our lives, we often get a false sense of self. When we live from our heart, we can access our true self and live the authentic life of our dreams.

Here are some tips on living in our hearts rather than in our heads: 

  • Accept rather than judge.
  • Find oneness rather than separateness.
  • Trust rather than fear.
  • Take responsibility rather than consider victimhood.
  • Find gratitude rather than problems.
  • Sense wonder rather than disappointment or frustration.
  • Live in the moment rather than in the past or future.
  • Acknowledge a higher power.
  • Go with the flow of life rather than resisting it.
  • Connect to soul rather than seeking approval from others.

Open-hearted living allows us to continuously grow from our heart space, ever expanding. All of our boundaries exist in our head. Our hearts are limitless. When we see ourselves for who we truly are and live in a way that allows others to see us for who we truly are, we begin to see others for who they are and true healing in this world can begin.

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