Q: What can coaching do for me?  

A: Coaching provides an opportunity to clarify your desires in life and set a path to achieve them. As coaches, we hold space for you to get to know you. We are unbiased listeners, questioners, and teachers. I teach what I wished I had learned when I was busy in business being tough and accomplished, plowing through piles of work, chasing down projects and building up prestige. I teach mindfulness, brain training, manifesting, inner guidance, resilience, ancient philosophy, and authentic success. In coaching, clients confirm that they are worthy of their own investment and they are! This investment can be life changing. We spend most of our lives focused on others. Time in self reflection is essential to living well; time to process situations, prioritize facets of life, and refine direction to live your best life. Life is busy, noisy, and filled with messages that we need to walk away from to live well. In fact, there are many myths we tackle in coaching. Below are a few.

Myth 1: If I am exhausted, overwhelmed, and focused on pleasing others, I am succeeding.

You do not need to feel drained to be successful. What is success? Authentic success involves finding balance, happiness, and most importantly feeling good. Your life is happening right now.

Myth 2: Multitasking is essential to getting things done.

Multitasking is task switching and results in diminishing returns and trains our brains to find distraction. Single tasking, whenever possible, returns focus and improves effectiveness. A side benefit is the ability to experience your life more deeply and enjoy individual tasks and moments making life a living meditation.

Myth 3: Stillness is laziness.

Studies show that meditation and time in stillness is good for our brains and bodies. We can meditate, relax, and recharge in stillness. We are human beings, not human doings. Breaking this myth can open up a whole new world, one where we are connected to our inner guidance rather than overly connected to outside influences. It provides us a method to connect to our center and stay grounded when life situations around us may be chaotic or stressful.

Myth 4: If I make other people happy, then I am happy.

If we are always focused on making other people happy, we may find ourselves quite unhappy. First, we do not and should not control the emotions of others. Second, we are responsible for our own happiness. Thirdly, when we are focused on making others happy, we begin feeling resentful. This is an indication that a boundary needs to be established.

Myth 5: Self-care is indulgent.

Self care is absolutely essential, important, and benefits not only us, but everyone around us. Self care is not selfish! You cannot give from an empty vessel.

For many, busting these myths is the beginning of a paradigm shift that empowers the most fulfilling lives. Coaching allows your authentic self to appear and when that happens you find a success beyond what had been imagined. This is what coaching can do for you!

Kim Perone is the author of the coaching book The Case for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment: Finding Your Center available at www.Center4c.com and Amazon. For more information about one on one coaching and programs at the Center or any of Kim’s programs (Live by Design, Coaching Happiness, Inspired Life Club, Innerspace: Cultivating Your Inner Life Coach, Elevate, and Stressed Obsessed & Blessed RETREATs) contact [email protected] (518) 301-3593. The Stressed Obsessed & Blessed RETREAT is held at The Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment periodically on Saturdays,  10-4pm. Contact Kim for upcoming dates. Join me for a day of fun and speed coaching! Learn how to reduce stress through meditation, mindfulness, passion, purpose, habits, identifying limiting beliefs and tools for cultivating more happiness in life. $149 pp. To register contact Kim. (Space is limited to 8).