Q: Helene, How can I worry and stress less, and enjoy my life more?

A: I was truly dismayed when I first learned that up to 70% of our thoughts are negative. The average person has 60,0000-70,000 thoughts a day and most studies show that 70- 90 % of these are neutral or negative. This almost constant barrage of negativity has a significant detrimental impact on our mood and, over time, it can even wreak havoc with our mental health. As Life Coaches, we teach people to become more aware of their thought patterns, specifically their  ANTS (automatic negative thought sequences). Learning how these ANTS affect our mood, peace, happiness and stress levels can be one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.  Adopting techniques to develop a more positive mindset and attitude and interrupt the ANTS pattern will have a substantial impact on your success in all areas of your life and all relationships. Worry is a bad habit that needs constant interruption when you first create a plan to begin a positive thinking regimen. Worry will always win over positive thinking if we let it go unchecked. Our brains naturally tend toward a negative bias to keep us protected and ready for any chaos that needs to be dealt with. Imagine living a life where we just let 25% of our thoughts truly serve our greater good. Imagine “what-if-ing” in the positive instead of negative. There is a completely different way to show up in this world to create the life that you most enjoy and desire. It’s up to you to squash those ANTS and let life become a beautiful picnic!

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