Center4C continues to grow, bringing clarity, compassion and contentment to individuals and the workplace to ensure that we  learn skills for our time, operate in optimal ways, save energy, find sustainability, approach each other mindfully, and the the feedback is phenomenal!

Treat yourself or your organization to new skills that will enhance enjoyment in life, effectiveness, and overall well-being.

Contact me for a consultation on how I can best help you or your organization find your “center”.

These challenging times offer a unique opportunity to move ourselves and our world forward despite the adversity and uncertainty. I would love to meet you and discuss the possibilities!

Kim Perone is a Success, Bereavement & Resilience Coach and Mindfulness Trainer at CENTER4C and author of The Case for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment: Finding Your Center. With a background in business, Kim has an M.A. in Organizational Communication and is a Certified Life Coach (C.L.C.) who works with with individual clients, organizations, and groups., [email protected] (518) 301-3593.