Meet Helene Verdile

Certified Life Coach

Helene Verdile is a Life and Spiritual Coach who applies an integrative approach of positive psychology, spirituality, and mindfulness-based methods to help her clients achieve joy and fullness in their lives.

Her multi-dimensional approach has helped many people to make positive, meaningful adjustments in all stages of their lives to gain the meaning and purpose they have been seeking. Helene specializes in helping her clients rewire their mindset from one of anxiety, chaos and outdated beliefs that no longer serve them to one of authenticity and peace so that they may experience more joy and abundance in their lives.

As co-founder of The Center for Clarity, Compassion and Contentment, she is looking forward to enriching the lives of women, young adults, and their families by guiding them to create a positive shift in their lives. Helene has been as avid student of hope, resilience, spirituality, perspective, positive psychology and has used this approach to enable people to move forward toward the life they most want – one filled with vibrancy, joy emotional wellness and purpose.

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Helene’s Certifications