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Find empowering, enlightening, educating, and entertaining experiences. 1:1 coaching, webinars (seminars), workshops, and retreats, we welcome you to pause and reflect on this amazing life!

Clarity ~ Find clarity through 1:1 Coaching ~ Success, Bereavement, Resilience

Business Professional Reduce stress, increase alignment, learn mindfulness, and other powerful tools, techniques, and lessons to integrate into your successful career and life.

Bereavement – Find a safe place to process your grief at Center4C. An inevitable part of life, loss can bring us to the very brink of our sanity and the pain can be overwhelming. Honor yourself with compassionate coaching. (Sliding scale payments based on ability to pay) Find resources to support your grief journey.

Resilience – When the world seems to be crashing in, we can begin a “crash course” in resilience. Begin the rebuilding process with compassionate coaching and learning. Find ways to pick up the pieces, value what’s left to love, and rebuild your path forward.

Compassion ~ My coaching is based in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and mental wellness. Pulling from ancient wisdom, amazing philosophers and teachers, we find a tremendous capacity for compassion and empowerment in principles and practices. Offered in group settings, such as my Inspired Life Book Club (now in it’s 5th year!) or in 1:1 Coaching.

Contentment ~ Mindfulness Training (1:1 or group), gratitude exercises, engaging book clubs and programs all serve to connect us to your contentment. Dive into the human experience! With a lending library of titles, new inspirational products, books, articles, and blogs, you can build your contentment muscle and realize you are exactly where you are meant to be!


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Kim Perone, Life Coach

It is Kim’s strong belief that each life has a rich and beautiful landscape to be treasured and explored. Each life is complete in its range, from the mundane, through its pain and suffering, and ultimately in the joy we are destined to find.

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