Inspired Life Coaching

Life Coaching Burnt Hills and Saratoga Springs NY

When you are ready to invest in yourself, ready to find clarity and peace, ready to find the life you were meant to live, contact Helene Verdile and Kim Perone, certified life coaches and partners in Inspired Life Coaching, which is located at the Center4C. Specializing in Life Balance, Purpose & Transitions, Health & Wellness, Spirituality, Career, and Relationship Coaching.

Life Coaching empowers individuals to…

  • live more…
  • love more…
  • earn more…
  • rest more…
  • be more…
  • than they ever thought possible!

When you are ready to reduce stress, connect

with yourself, learn new tools and techniques, and become empowered, contact us to schedule a consultation. When clarity, compassion and contentment are present an inspired life is possible.

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Make conscious decisions
  • Eliminate stumbling blocks
  • Create a plan for success
  • Measure the outcomes
  • …and live the life you are meant to live.

Inspired Life Coaching offers individual and group coaching, events, and seminars to support you on your journey. Learn more about our programs here.

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching empowers clients to find their inspired life. An inspired life is one with clarity, compassion and contentment. When these three elements are present, chaos, confusion, doubt, fear and stress fade away. You feel empowered, enlightened, and ultimately more effective.

We work with a proven process that enables clients to find their own personal best lives. Coaching is based on the premise that the answers lie within you and that we are facilitators for you along the path you choose. As coaches, we begin where you are and move forward with you in powerful strides. We offer clients resources, techniques, and exercises to guide them.

Changes, Challenges & Transitions * Health & Wellness * Life Balance & Direction * Career & Business

  • Discover a new path forward managing life transition (post college into work force, empty nest, divorce, diagnosis, career change, loss, retirement).
  • Resolve negative patterns such as conflicts or habits that are a challenge in life.
  • Find gifts and talents through an increased self awareness and utilize to increase success and happiness.
  • Stress Management: Clarity and simplicity can be found and a new plan can reduce confusion and stress.
  • Getting “Unstuck.” We help uncover a new path forward through examination of patterns, blocks, fears,
    behaviors that keep us stuck. We find desired path forward and create alignment.
  • Personal and spiritual growth, relationship coaching, or finding your purpose.
  • Healthy living, supporting goals and accountability.
  • Address dissatisfaction and find satisfaction.
  • Small business coaching teams and owner de-stressing.
  • Design dream career and align for success.

Contact us to see if life coaching would be a fit for you. Find your inspired life!