Stressed, Obsessed & Blessed Retreats

Specially designed for the busy person! Call or email Kim for UPCOMING DATES  –  Saturday, 10-4pm $149. [email protected], (518) 301-3593.


In this 3-part, day long retreat, we will take the deep dive in to living well!  

Group Success Coaching, Experiential Learning, & Sacred Space to examine life and grow.

Welcome & Introductions 10-10:30am

Why are we stressed? 10:30-12:00

We’ll examine brain training, HAPPINESS coaching, perspective and personalities, greater awareness of changes in life, and learn specific tools to your REDUCE STRESS. *Examine the Ego, Letting go, Judgment Detox, Life Transitions, Mindfulness and Meditation exercises

12-12:30 Meditation

Break 12:30-12:40

Lunch and discussion—How are we obsessed? 12:40-2:00

What are our PASSIONS, what makes us joyful, what unhealthy HABITS are we using as crutches? We will take a deep dive into what it means to find joy and allow for abundance! What makes your scalp tingle? What is ECSTATIC ENGAGEMENT? How can you do more of what you love? *Together, we will create a plan to ENHANCE YOUR JOY and BUST OLD HABITS and LIMITING BELIEFS.

Break 2-2:15pm

Breathwork Meditation 2:15-2:45pm

In what ways are we blessed? 3-3:45pm

GRATITUDE is a tool. Delve into the many BLESSINGS our life, lessons from challenges and obstacles. We will reframe our STORIES, create strong DAILY PRACTICES to ensure we are staying true to ourselves, caring for ourselves, pursuing joy, unlocking a flow of ABUNDANCE in your life!  *The Hero’s Journey, Abundance Mentality, The Wisdom of the Tao, Law of Attraction, Manifesting.

Conclusion 3:45pm-4pm